Musings of the sleep deprived author of SleepyHead.
Published by jedimark on 2016-07-08 jedimark

Hi there guys and gals,

I've know I've been quite lately.. I've been taking a break from computer work to restore a little zen... I am sort of currently deliberately avoiding SleepyHead project matters entirely until I can get enough focus to come up with a plan where to go next.

I've hit a bit of a brick wall with the deprecation of the Webkit component in Qt, the cross platform library I built SleepyHead on top of. At the current stage SleepyHead will not build on Qt 5.6 without some serious rework.

The replacement component (QWebEngine) is nowhere near up to scratch for what I need, so effectively I need to redesign a large portion of UI components and printing code to keep existing functionality. (Basically, this means everything UI related except for the graph areas, which is all drawing code I designed from scratch)

The current SleepyHead code-base is not what I regard as maintainable, without being able to be built on the latest Qt libraries. It is critical for me to track Qt, because this is how SleepyHead gets to support new operating systems, plus bug fixes for platform related stuff that's Qt's fault.

Right now I can't see a practical way forward without putting in far more work into the old code-base than it is worth. The webkit thing kinda caught me by surprise, I was entirely unaware that they were no longer maintaining it.. (hindsight is 20/20.)

It's not a simple case of just keep maintaining it on the old Qt. I mean I could just keep patching bugs in the old code knowing full well it's going nowhere, or I can fully consider what's involved in building on a better, more stable foundation.

My choice to use Qt was not a good one, far too much has been changed underneath requiring massive reworks, but it still got us a few good years of SleepyHead, so I am still pleased how things worked out. I learned an insane amount in the process.

But I really do believe that now it's time for something even bigger... and better.

As for the old code-base, I'm still tossing up whether to hand over the reigns to a maintainer willing to keep it alive so I can focus 100% on the next generation, or just ride it out until I've got a good foundation ready for something better. Still deciding.. I'll get back to you on it.

Sorry for all the emails I've missed lately.. I really can't get to them yet.. I desperately need to clear my thoughts. I will get back on top of them as soon as I can.

I promise I'll keep you guys informed as to what's cooking.

Sleep Well,


Published by jedimark on 2016-04-16 jedimark

The SleepyHead Project website and jedimark.net have come together using the awesome power of TikiWiki.

Things are still fairly new and raw, and a lot of work needs doing.. Especially gathering documentation and bits off the old media wiki. (a lot of it was hideously outdated and nobody used it anyway, but there's some useful stuff there)

There's been quite a bit of transition and trialing new server software since migrating from SourceForge... It's taken me a while to settle on a bug platform and GIT host.. My apologies to anyone who's got lost the confusion.

And, Translators who only just helped me with the other page... I'm truly sorry, your work was very much appreciated, but once I discovered what Tiki was capable of, it kind of made obvious sense to use it here as quickly as possible. (Please forgive me!) Once things are figured out, this site should be much easier to maintain, translate and update.

I also dropped the local GitLab CE install here because of merge problems in the community edition and a weak issue tracker.. SleepyHead source is hosted on http://gitlab.com/sleepyhead/sleepyhead-code, which runs enterprise edition.. (It may end up having to migrate back, but I've disabled Issue trackers over there to save future frustration)

SleepyHead bugs reported on the GitLab install here are still safe.. I have them in a list..

SleepyHead project now uses Mantis tracker for bugs, which IMHO is a much better organised bugtracking system. Please see Reporting SleepyHead Bugs for more information.

For SleepyHead feature and new machine importer requests, there is a Feature Requests Tracker here.

Well, that's all for now, I'm going back to getting things ready for the SleepyHead 1.0.0-beta-2 update.

Sleep Well!