SleepyHead is a cross-platform desktop application for reviewing and exploring data produced by CPAP and related devices, which are used in the treatment of sleep apnea.

SleepyHead was created by the Australian software developer and fellow "hose head" Mark Watkins (aka Jedimark), after discovering how difficult it is to get decent access to CPAP data, and the limited options provided by the commercial sector.

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Latest Release Downloads

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
v1.0.0-beta-2 [Download]
SHA1: b6bcef3b28a88d80d474224861c8ab57e20bcf63
MacOSX 10.7+
v1.0.0-beta-2.2 [Download]
SHA1: c49000b5498a7ed9f6f0d40c5cd31a88043ba221
Ubuntu 15.04
v1.0.0-beta-1 [Download]
SHA1: c02bb57a07182900675b5e227f469e5dd90c2949

File mirror credits: SleepFiles.com (thanks SuperSleeper from ApneaBoard)

Important: Please don't re-upload SleepyHead on random file sharing sites, it's safer if everyone refers new users to this website instead. If there is an issue that makes downloading SleepyHead for supported platforms difficult in your country, or with your browser configuration, please tiki-contact.php|contact Jedimark].

If you can assist with extra file mirroring resources, please contact Jedimark.

Please support future SleepyHead development

SleepyHead is available for everyone to use for free, but please be mindful it's certainly not free on my end to create and maintain a software project of this size and complexity.

Donations towards this software project are actively encouraged, as without them, I don't really think I could continue doing this.

SleepyHead Source Code

SleepyHead's source code is available from: https://gitlab.com/sleepyhead/sleepyhead-code

To see the roadmap and what's holding up upcoming releases, see https://bugs.jedimark.net/roadmap_page.php

Need help?

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Improving SleepyHead

Hardware Support

Software Licensing Information

SleepyHead is copyright (C) 2011-2016 Mark Watkins.

It's released under the GNU GPL v3 License. Please see below for a note on giving correct attribution in redistribution of derivatives.

It is built using Qt SDK (Open Source Edition), available from http://qt.io.

It also uses QuaZip, by Sergey A. Tachenov, which is a C++ wrapper over Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP package http://sourceforge.net/projects/quazip/

Redistribution of derivatives

I created this software to help lessen the exploitation of others. Seeing my work being used to exploit others is incredibly un-motivational, and incredibly disrespectful of all the work I put into this project.

If you plan on reselling any derivatives of SleepyHead, I specifically request that you give due credit and link back, mentioning clearly in your advertising material, software installer and about screens that your derivative "is based on the free and open-source software SleepyHead available from http://sleepyhead.jedimark.net, developed and copyright by Mark Watkins (C) 2011-2016. "